Sam's Town 300 - Practice

With the completion of the Sam's Club 300 also came the completition of Danica's first stint with NASCAR racing. This is a relief for me. Personally I like Danica, I like what she is trying to do but the attention ESPN 2, Speed and other networks give her is crazy. She is easily the most popular driver that has never secured a top 5. I would be cool with a Danica update every 20 laps or even less if she was contributing to the excitement of the race. But ESPN 2 constantly talks about Danica and how she looks in the car, how she sounds on the radio, how her hands are moving when she is sitting in 37th place. A perfect example was this week in Las Vegas Danic destroyed her car in a wreck and even when she was in the garage area she was getting more attention then the race leader.

I know this seems like I am a Danica hater which I am not. I am however thrilled for the next 4 months Danica will be focusing strictly on Indy Car. A 4 month break to forgot all about her is just what I need. Nationwide racing will be easier to watch and listen too without Danica.