Sharpie 500

"Bristol a short track, like driving around a Wal-Mart parking lot for 500 laps." - Don Imus

Don Imus and any others who believe that Bristol and short tracks are pointless and boring have no idea what they are talking about. Bristol is the coliseum of racing. A fully enclosed, sold out crowd going crazy as the cars go from 130 mph on the front stretch to 85 mph in the turns is what makes this track great. There is always some great contact at these tracks and some great racing as well. I am sure every fan remembers when Carl Edwards moved Kyle Busch out of the way two years ago and last years fall race when Kyle Busch out raced Mark Martin in an amazing duel between two of the best racers. So what is going to make this weekend better then any other weekend: Edwards and Keslowski. Its been a week since Keslowski was turned by a angry Edwards, this whole Keslowski has been thinking about the top 5 finish that got away. Edwards who is on probation will not be going after anyone but he will be a target and him racing for the lead and racing away from Keslowski will be entertaining to watch. I hope though if Keslowski wants payback he does it at a time when he will NOT take out the entire field, with 43 cars extremely close together a simple spin could take out half the cars entered in the event. So I am rooting for some good bumping, good racing, maybe one or two good wrecks but nothing to major. Seven days till race day and my early pick to win is: Kyle Busch, after winning both races last year and although he is off to a slow start he needs this win.