Bristol is always a good time for race fans a track that tiny with banking like Daytona always provides some good racing. This race featured Joey Logano sitting on the pole for the first time in his short NASCAR tenure and ended with another win from possibly the greatest ever: Jimmie Johnson. Although Johnson did not have the best car we saw once again why Jimmie, Chad and four fresh tires at the end of a race will usually put these guys into victory lane. Johnson did not dominate by any means he was a top 5 car all day but his pit crew executed a flawless four tire stop before the last shootout and this let him overtake the cars that took two tires and led him right into victory lane. The guy who did dominate this race Kurt Busch came home with a 3rd place finish. Busch had an amazing car and took four tires on the last stop like Jimmie Johnson but he started a couple more rows back and was unable to make up the spots to compete for the lead again. Busch was very upset with his finish in his post race interview he stated how he would of rathered any other of the 41 drivers win besides Jimmie Johnson. Busch's feelings are shared with many NASCAR fans almost instantly after Jimmie Johnson arrived in victory lane posts on claimed that Johnson and Chad are cheaters. This of course is untrue, there just the best of the best.

The other Busch brother Kyle had an alright day. Kyle had a terrible car he qualified towards the back almost went a lap down early, he even cut a tire down and caused a caution to come out. However I was more then pleased with how he finished his day coming home in 9th place which propelled him back into the top 12 and although its early Kyle would like to have as many points as he can now.

Another huge story of this race was if Brad Keslowski was going to turn Carl Edwards around. Both of these guys raced clean and hard. At some points during the race these two were side by side and they gave each other more then enough room. BK's car did not have a scratch on it at the end of the race and he finished 13th which is respectable since it is only his first time racing at Bristol in a cup car.

For the last race with the rear wing it was a pretty good race. On to Martinsville the paperclip flat track on the NASCAR circuit. Some drivers that had a strong 2009 really need to pick it up and with the spoiler coming on it will be like a fresh start for these guys.