Bashas' Supermarkets 200

All NASCAR fans know that Sunday is our race day, our time to sit in front of the television for hours and watch our drivers lap by lap. However we do know that sometimes our race day turns into race night and sometimes the race is on Saturday usually the busiest night of the weekend. So the question arises is having races on Saturday night good for our sport? Personally I think it is good for the track to host races on Saturday nights since more fans will be able to come out on a Saturday then a Sunday since many individuals do not want to come out on Sunday when they have work the following day. But I do not think having a Saturday night race is good for the broadcasters. Since most people are out on a Saturday night they are unable to watch. Night races are important they put the drives right into the spotlight and this is great for our sport but networks are not making as much money due to the less amount of viewers. Night races will continue to be a part of our sport no matter what so I will enjoy them for now but NASCAR is a sport that was always intended for Sunday afternoons. And true NASCAR fans know that going to a Sunday race means you call in sick to work the next day since you "came down with the flu".