This past Sunday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Jimmie Johnson the greatest driver ever to walk the earth secured his second victory of the 2010 season. This was a hard fought victory for Johnson since his teammate Jeff Gordon had the best car and was putting a show on at Las Vegas motor speedway recording faster lap times then I have ever seen before. Any true Nascar fan knows that the past four years have been Hendrick dominated specifically Johnson dominated. So there is no real suprise that a Hendrick car is in victory lane but this Hendrick dominance is taking a toll on my soul. The craziest aspect of the Johnson dominance is that he is also the luckiest person in the entire sport. For example this weekend he pits right before a caution comes and and some how he beats the pace car to the start/finish line in order to stay on the lead lap while other potential race winners like Kyle Busch were put a lap down. All in all congrats to the 48 team for being the luckiest/best team in motorsports. Congrats to Jeff Gordon for owning a piece of that race team since you make some cash every time Johnson ends up in victory lane. Also congrats to RCR another good day for all three cars. Were goin to Atlanta this week. We get some Daytona banking on a 1.5 mile track. This should be a fun weekend in NASCAR.