Kobalt Tools 500 - Practice

Every Nascar fan in the world knows that 2009 was an awful year for Nascar's golden boy Dale Jr. Everyone has hoped that 2010 would be the return of his greatness. After taking a 2nd place finish at Daytona he fell off a bit finishing 32nd and 16th in the next two races. This upset me personally since Jr. qualified well at Fontanna and Vegas so I was hoping for some solid laps and some solid finishs. However I was wrong but this week Jr. snagged the pole at AMS and now has the chance to show all the doubters that he can still race.

So what are Nascar fans looking for this weekend? First we want to see Jr. run a full race competeing for the lead for the majority of the time. Second this weekend we do not want to see him taken out by any stupid moves. Nascar also would like Jr. to do well since he drives the most popular ride in all of Nascar therefore he also drives the majority of merchandise sales. So when Dale Jr. runs well more tickets are sold more viewers are watching on TV and more merchandise will be purchased which is good for our sport.

Jr. has taken some small strides towards were he needs to be but he also has taken some strides in the wrong direction. So this weekend we need Jr. to take another big stride forward espicially if he plans on making the chase this season. I doubt he will compete for a championship this year but if he continues to improve I do not see any reason why he can not compete for a championship in years to come. He has the best equipment behind him and he has the most fans behind him.