Daytona 500 Practice

Everyone that watches racing knows Kyle Busch. The guy has a true "if you aint first you last" mind set. However this mind set left Busch on the outside of the 2009 Chase For The Championship. After just two races this year I believe we are seeing a new more mature Kyle Busch who realizes wrecking will not help him get into the chase but solid runs even if he does not have the best car will propel him into the chase.

Two races in and Kyle Busch placed 13th in both. Of course by Busch's standards that is by no means good but I bet his fans are thrilled. Top 15's and top 10 finishes is what gets a driver into the chase. When you get to the chase you have 10 races to go for broke. Personally I am happy that Kyle is point racing already. In both races to this point has led a lap to collect the five bonus point and finished in the top 15. As of know Kyle is still 13th in the point standings but I am not worried. Kyle has amazing talent and will find himself in victory lane many times this season.

I truly think if on days Kyle does not have the best car he puts together solid runs this will be his year to shine and take the Cup away from Jimmie Johnson.