Allstate 400 at the Brickyard - Practice

Three races into the year we have already seen some very good racing. This is due to many different things:

    • Rule Changes
    • GoodYear's New Tires

Nascar has made a big deal about the rule changes and every loyal fan knows that this year the boys are back to their racing roots, bumping, pushing, and passing like the way it use to be. This is the most publiziced reason for the better racing but there is a lot more to look at.

Goodyear the official tire supplier of Nascar has done an amazing job this year. Goodyear develops new tires every off season for every different track on the Nascar circuit. So far there have been new tires used at Daytona and Las Vegas. At Las Vegas fans instantly saw the difference the tire made. With the brand new tire track speeds were about four miles per hour faster which is a lot faster when the winner of a race can be determined by the hundreth of a second. Since Goodyear does not realese information to the public until race weekend we do not know weather there are more new tires planned for this year. But I can only hope there will be more new tires that increase speeds and make racing even better.