Every NASCAR fan actually every sport fan has seen the BK, Edwards incident that occured this past sunday at AMS. The entire nation has seen it since it has been on many news stations as well as all over ESPN's SportCenter show. It is evident that Edwards acted in revenge and it was an extremely scary moment for every viewer. We know these two racers have a history that goes back to Talladega last year when BK put Edwards into the fence, this bad history continued in the Nationwide Series were BK tapped Edwards numerous times. Apparently the last straw for Edwards came this past Sunday at AMS, lap 41 to be exact on a restart. Edwards was driving a retro painted 99 to celebrate his first win at AMS five years ago when BK hit the back of Edwards who was trying to check down a lane, it is clear BK did not lift off the gas to let Edwards fall back in line and therefore thiswas a pointless lap 41 wreck. After 150 laps in the garage getting repairs done to his number 99 Scott's Ford Edwards returned to the track. With only a handful of laps left Edwards took a couple of swipes at BK's car who was having a great run. He missed the first couple of times but he finally connected and this turned BK around, at the high speeds along with the wing on the back the car took flight and flipped crashing back on the track roof first. BK was shaken and Edwards was upset he flipped him but not angry that he wrecked him. The ball is in NASCAR's court now how will they react to the situation.

Should NASCAR punish Edwards? The most simple answer is yes but NASCAR is in a corner in this situation. In the begining of the season NASCAR simply stated they would stop policing the drivers as much as they have in the past and allow the drivers to take care of matters on the track but does this incident cross the line. Again the simple answer is yes he put BK and the fans in harms way which should not occur in our sport. However one can argue that since he only meant to spin BK out and he apologized for sending him flying he does not deserve to be punished just a stern talking too. NASCAR is currently investigating the incident and will have a decision for us by Tuesday afternoon. I personally have very mixed feelings on the incident. I don't like BK but I care about everyone's safety very very much. If NASCAR suspends Edwards it means they are policing the drivers if they do not they are sending a message that says we will let you do whatever you want no matter what danger you put anyone else in.

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