NASCAR Testing at Talladega Superspeedway

The 92 race era of the rear wing is finally over! Nascar has made it offcial a traditional spoiler will return to the cars after the Bristol race. The spoiler has a new design and honestly the car looks pretty bad ass with it. So this past week twenty four teams went down to Talladega to test the car with the spoiler on it and the results were amazing. All over Twitter the drivers were commenting on how good the car felt and the speeds were crazy, Dale Jr. hit 213 mph in the draft. So the fans are getting an increase in speed and handling which means better racing and an increase in our drivers safety since the wing basically forced the cars to take off like an airplane when ever they turned around.

So us fans will be very pleased but what about the crew chiefs. If crew chiefs have to redisgn new setups for these cars then the racing may not be up to par but if they have set ups that will work and only need to be tweaked then we can expect some great racing at Martinsville and beyond.

I am thrilled that no more cars will be going airborne. BK, Edwards, Newman, Logano had some scary wrecks and I personally believe the spoiler will fix these problems and provide us with better racing.

1 more week of the wing remains. Hope we have one more great "winged" race at Bristol.

In the picture below you can clearly see the cars with the spoiler. From the looks it seems the cars were able to stick to the bottom of the track while staying in line. With the wing cars got loose in the corners while trying to stay in line at tracks like Daytona and Talladega.