Food City 500 - Practice

2009 was a great year for Denny Hamlin. He ran well, won races and if not for some bad luck in the chase he may have been able to challenge Jimmie Johnson for the 2009 titile. However he is no where to be found early into this 2010 season. Denny has not run all that great and is currently not inside the top 12. It was made very public that Denny tore his ACL in his knee and this could effect his driving but this is not causing him to have a bad opening to this season. He just has not been competitive. So far his car has not given him a chance to win. This is a problem for Denny since he could easily be the one to end the Jimmie Johnson era but Joe Gibbs needs to get him into good equipment. This is a true statement for all the JGR drivers, they all have a ridiculas amount of talent but they are in the 3rd best equipment in the sport (Hendrick being the first, RCR the second). Denny however has shown us he is able to overcompensate for not being in the best equipment by doing so well this year but he needs to step up. This weekend at Martinsville may be a good time for Denny to step up he almost won the race a year ago before Jimmie bumped him out of the way. When Denny catches fire it will be tough for other drivers to keep up thats a garuntee.