When on a short high banked track it is good to have friends out there that you can trust to race you clean and hard. Carl Edwards is not helping himself. Two weeks ago everyone knows what Edwards did and now we got some people that are rooting for him to have a bad day at Bristol. On top of these haters Edwards is on probation so if any driver tries to ruin his day Edwards can not retaliate since he will be facing a suspension. And to top it all off Edwards has picked another fight this tme with point leader Kevin Harvick. Harvick called Edwards a coward for taking BK out and of course Edwards responded by stating he has no respect for Harvick and that "he (Harvick) is a bad guy". Kevin and Delena Harvick both responded via Twitter. These two drivers have a history almost getting into a fist fight last year. Edwards may be enjoying himself but he is not helping himself by starting these feuds. You need friends on the track and Edwards is losing his friends. The best thing Edwards could do is win the race then he could talk as much smack as he wants but if he does not secure a solid finish this weekend he is digging himself into a deep hole.

Right now the best thing Edwards could do is for the driver introductions walk out singing: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Of course that won't happen but I think it would be very funny. Lets hope for a good race, no one intentionally takes Edwards out, but if it happens don't take out the entire field.